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web 0.5 1 2 3 4 5

yeah… those were popular in the late 90's.

warm up
- stand der dinge
- feedback

bonus input: fancy zoom
- itweak: itweak
- fancy zoom mit itweak: scriptdaten + extra
- neuer ordner: extra & data (für bilder)

bonus input: vertiefung iweb
- pop up, mouse over, iframe
- specials (for agony)
- iweb hot tips
- weitere iweb tutorials

bonus input: html bausteine (widgets)
- rss feed
- google maps
- diverse andere angebote
- blog und foto template

self service
* finetuning + support

februar 2012
wieso, weshalb, warum

bonus tools
favicon plugin
favicon generator
make a gif
gif ninja

web 2.0
- The Machine is Us/ing Us

back in the days
when i was a teenager
before i had status
and before i had a pager

new kids on the block, archiv